fun ideas

The ideas below are just some of the great ways to add some extra fun to upcoming birthday parties, hen weekends and other special occasions.
What the block - fun ideas

Adult Fun Jelly Shots

Don't let the kids have all the fun! There are plenty of tasty alcoholic recipes and non alcoholic jelly shots to make - all tried and tested!
What the block?! - Adult Jelly
What the block - Pirate

Drop everything and become a pirate

Arrrrr me hearties, are you brave enough to walk the plank, or should we say pull the blocks?

Playing the princess

Add some fun when you dress up and take your self and friends to the magical world of Disney. What magical treats will you find in the blocks?!
What the block - princess

Truth or Dares

Suitable for both kids and adults, why not mix things up and add some dares to the blocks?!

It’s just a touch of Hocus Pocus

Make halloween loads more fun for everyone this year. Trick or treats in blocks for the kids or fill the blocks with alcohol jelly shots for the adults. See our alcohol recipes for inspiration!
Adult Halloween Ideas
Kids Halloween Ideas